Sennheiser launches new Urbanite Campaign featuring German Accent

Guten Tag! I am ze Sennheiser Urbanite. Please explore my Pleasures”. No, this is not a bug, it’s the feature of the new Sennheiser campaign featuring a man with a German accent in a Sennheiser Urbanite costume and a giant ear. The campaign ist centered around a series of videos and one idea: “The Sennheiser Urbanite, including the on-ear Urbanite and over-ear Urbanite XL, loves ears. It wants to make sure that every ear it touches feels like it’s the only ear on an Ear Planet made from glittering clouds of stardust and sound rays.”

“For this campaign, we put our care for the human being–and his or her ears–at the top of the page and communicated less about the product features,” said Sennheiser’s head of strategic marketing Uwe Greunke.

So, let’s stop talking and start watching the spots!

“Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?”

“Ear love is a sensation that is difficult to put into words.”

“To love ears properly, you must have a proper understanding of earnatomy.”

“Ear love is sometimes…difficult to suppress.”

“Most headphones fixate on ze bass-al aspect of their aural performance. Und perhaps rightly so; bass levels are important to ears. The lower frequency range is…particularly erogenous.”

“Every ear desires long-lasting aural experiences. But so many headphones spend so much time on ze sheer volume of their performance, they neglect to develop the aspects that are crucial to endurance. Zey simply wear out.”

The Urbanite on-ear headphones are available from Amazon and cost about $199.95 while Sennheiser’s over-ear model cost about $249.95. Visit for a chance to win a free pair of Sennheiser Urbanite headphones.