Sennheiser Urbanite: Great Sound, Deep Bass and Urban Style

Sennheiser: Sennheiser Urbanite

Source: Sennheiser

Sennheiser’s new Urbanite headphones are completely dedicated to delivering only the most intense sound pleasure that will reflect the skill of Sennheiser’s aural expertise. It serves up massive bass, while still ensuring excellent clarity through the entire frequency range. The Urbanites consist of stainless steel hinges and aluminium sliders.

The Urbanite is available with a detachable cable that features a 3-button remote control and an integrated microphone. There are versions for Apple iOS and Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy. The Urbanite comes in several stylish colors. Its supple, foldable design allows for pleasuring listening and its collapsible sides allow it to cuddle right after in its own special storage pouch.

Wallstreet Journal editor Michael Hsu says: “Although the Urbanite is primed for hip-hop and rap (the headphone’s name is a reference to the culturally rich lifestyle of the product’s younger target audience, not where said audience might live, according to a company spokesman), music lovers who were raised on less bass-heavy fare shouldn’t dismiss it. Its extra oomph gives a nice presence to recordings by Keith Jarrett and Lang Lang, Rebecca Pidgeon and Renée Fleming alike. Besides, even if you prefer a more conservative sound, it can still be fun to crank up the bass every now and then.”

The Urbanite on-ear headphones are available from Amazon and cost about $199.95 while Sennheiser’s over-ear model cost about $249.95.